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Unlock Your Potential & Lead with Impact

Life presents moments that can redefine our direction. It’s in these moments where we yearn for something extraordinary, where we’re compelled by a deeper sense of purpose and a desire to transform.

At the Evolutionary Leadership Academy, you experience such a moment. This is where you connect with a purpose larger than yourself, where you embrace the complete essence of who you are, and where conscious leadership unfolds.

Join us at this pivotal crossroad that not only shapes your destiny but also paves the way for future generations.

Academy Introduction

Audree and I recorded the “Shine Your Light: Change The World” webinar to explain how to unlock our power and success and a little about what to expect from the Academy.

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Transformative Deep-Dive Training Retreat

Step away from convention. Experience an environment that resonates with deeper truths, fostering self-mastery and enabling you to curate your reality.

As a transformed individual, you have the power to reshape the world.

We extend an invitation to those ready to pioneer a brighter future.

“If you are lucky enough to even consider this, you must go. You’re called to a process to improve yourself, and you’re ready to take big strides. A week has changed my life exactly as I needed it to. Now I’m 100x ready to support my teams and organizations in their improvements.”

B. Charboneau

“Great opportunity to learn about myself as a leader.  Expose areas that need improvement. The experience provided the tools to help me improve.”

J. Alvarado

“An intensely challenging shared learning journey of self-discovery and personal evolution.”

T. Haayema

“This course cracked me open so I could begin the healing process and move towards my true self.”

M. de la Maza

“The most beautiful journey with the most beautiful people I have ever been around.  Amazing personal growth, transformational and life changing training.”

A. Lasa

“The Academy of Leadership Mastery is a once in a lifetime opportunity for personal transformation.”

M. Hundleby
Visual Trainer / Facilitator

“When you are ready to take this journey, there is no one else I would recommend you to walk beside.”

A. Agresto

Develop Self-Mastery for Transformational Leadership

Our unique curriculum integrates organizational skills and harnesses the quantum field’s potential to unlock unparalleled success.

  • Discover a richer understanding of yourself and the surrounding dynamics.

  • Enhance your reality perception, shaping the efficacy of your actions.

  • Eliminate unconscious barriers obstructing your growth.

  • Elevate your vibration with Evolutionary Energetics energy system

  • Establish daily routines that bolster inner growth, equipping you for external achievements.

Self-mastery, rooted in continuous reflection and emotional intelligence, is the cornerstone of impactful leadership. It empowers leaders to inspire, adapt, and cultivate a culture where collaboration thrives.

Learn 3 Foundation Pillars

Evolutionary Leadership

Use Evolutionary Leadership to:

  1. See through your blind spots.
  2. Reshape destructive behaviour patterns.
  3. Debug interactions with other so you create more of what you want.
  4. Recover control of your incarnation.

Emotional Science++

Use Emotional Science++ to:

  1. Understand how your emotional system is governing your life.
  2. See how your emotions are at the root of all conflict in your life.
  3. Reclaim awareness and choice of what you are creating.

Evolutionary Energetics

Use Evolutionary Energetics to:

  1. Balance and restore the energy body to healthy functioning.
  2. Repair damage to the energy body
  3. Stay grounded to have stability in life.
  4. Access to high vibrational energy needed for rapid transformation.

We are offering an Online Preparation Course for those who want to sample the Academy of Leadership Mastery and prepare for the first residential session.

  • Location: Zoom

  • Timing: 2-Hour Session Every 2 Weeks

  • Duration: 10 Sesssions

  • Cost: $1400USD; $950USD for CAL2 Graduates

  • Start Date: COMING SOON

This training is 100% LIVE and not recorded.

Course Outcomes

Graduates will exhibit:

  • Enhanced authenticity and openness.

  • Elevated resilience in demanding situations.

  • Improved interpersonal conflict navigation.

  • Heightened clarity to solve the root problems.

  • Freed from limiting subconscious behaviors.

  • Enhanced problem diagnostic skills.

  • Proficiency in the SHIFT314 Playbook, promoting effective leadership and team engagement.

Empower Your Organization: Unlock a Premium Workshop Experience

Stand out as a leader by presenting “Leading Beyond Change: A Guide for Leaders” to your organization, a workshop worth $5,000 USD. This transformative session doesn’t just teach; it empowers organizations with strategies for navigating change, keeping teams firmly rooted in foundational principles. Harness actionable insights that resonate with the needs of today’s evolving business scene, increasing productivity with assuredness and transparency.

Academy graduates can pursue licensing opportunities for the Leading Beyond Change (CAL) Training Course, opening doors to potential revenue.

Upcoming Events

Talk to Us

If you want to have a conversation with us about the Academy or whether it’s right for you, please reach out to us.

    Academy of Leadership Mastery: Introduction Webinar

    Through SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership, leaders can transform their organizations in previously unimaginable ways.

    Join the Free Webinar- on August 4th

    Join Michael K Sahota & Audree Tara Sahota for an introduction to the Academy of Leadership Mastery to learn what you can expect in this evolutionary immersive leadership experience.

    In the Academy of Leadership Mastery, you’ll discover what is possible in human potential. Redefining your existence by diving into the infinite field of consciousness.

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