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The Scary Truth about Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the single most important part of creating a high-performance team or organization. When you have high psychological safety, you have the foundation for high performance. If you do not have psychological safety in your team and your organization, it’s virtually impossible to get high-performance levels.

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Agile vs Scrum – How to Win with Both

If Agile is like dessert, Scrum is like ice cream. The phrase “Agile vs Scrum,” is a bit of a false dichotomy. Scrum is a subset of Agile, just as ice cream is a type of dessert. And Scrum is a very specific kind of dessert – say, vanilla ice cream. It’s this really popular way of doing dessert – or in this case, doing Agile. And that’s where people can get confused.

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Why Scrum Masters and Product Owners are the New Managers

Have you experienced this common trap? It’s an unintentional happening, often very subtle. Scrum masters and Product Owners that begin to act like traditional managers. They may not have the same sort of traditional ways of interacting, yet they have the same behaviors: pushing for results, thinking they’re right, thinking they’re smarter, and thinking that they’re in charge of what happens. Ignoring this tendency can lead to disaster. Embracing this tendency can actually unlock high performance.

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Mind the Gap: Leading With an Agile Mindset

In order to create Business Agility through Agile, organizations must not only embrace Agile Processes but also integrate the Agile Mindset. To create an Agile organization, everyone needs to shift to the Agile Mindset. Many teams can make this move with the right environment. Yet, what about the leaders who are creating the environment?

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Agile Success Pattern: Start with Managers, not Teams

The usual approach to Agile – train & coach teams to move to an Agile process – is backwards. When we approach Agile from a Team Perspective, the role of the manager usually becomes an afterthought. But wait, don’t managers need to learn how to operate with an Agile Mindset along with teams?

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