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Agile, What Does it Really Take?

Real Agile Transformation

What does it really take for an organization to evolve into an Agile way of working?

Do you know Agile Requires a Permanent Shift in Behaviours? That’s what the Agile Mindset is all about.

On the surface, Agile may seem straightforward- we change from one structure/process to another one. Just train and coach people on teams and we are good. Yet anyone with more than a surface level understanding of Agile knows this usually doesn’t work or only has a limited  amount of success.

When we look deeper at successful Agile Transformations, we see people learning a new mindset or new ways of being that enable collaboration, engagement, and feeling safe enough to run experiments.

Lasting success comes from team members and managers going on a journey. What is this journey? How can you measure success? The effectiveness of a successful change to high performance is demonstrated through a permanent shift in behaviour patterns. Without the behaviour shifts there is no change – only talk or a shallow veneer.

Yes, Agile can support a shift in performance, yet only to the extent that people are fully supported on the journey and can shift their mindset. Sustainable high performance comes from production capacity. When organizations support these new ways of working we can unlock the full benefits of Agile.

By looking at a shift in mindset, an Agile Mindset, we can create a culture of high performance. To have the success we desire, to create high performance in an organization, it becomes clear the journey is to become Agile, not just “do” Agile, but to live Agile. This is what we call Wave2Agile – living the Agile Mindset.

The question for each of us: How well equipped are we to support others on their journey?

And where are we on our own journey? Are we modelling the behaviours needed to invite people to join us on such a profound journey of personal and organizational evolution?

It’s easy to blame others for not changing. I often hear frustration, targeted at managers, workers or at teams.

An alternative is for each of us to look at how we can support others. How we can improve the overall environment or organizational climate?

Yet the most important, the highest impact change is to shift our own behaviour. Most people have heard: “You can’t change anyone else; you can only change yourself.” And that we do have control over. Are you ready to make the change? Change starts with us.

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