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Avoiding the Trap of Competency Models

Competency models are used by hiring managers and HR departments to assess whether employees have the skills needed to serve in their role. They can help managers determine how to build up employees’ capabilities so they can get their jobs done and excel in the role that they’re in.

Competency models also play a very important role in hiring and developing people, helping to understand where a person is now and how they can grow. However, competency models also have some major shortcomings.

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6 Leadership Competencies That Really Matter

Oftentimes when people talk about leadership competencies, they focus on the surface. But it takes more than skills and tactics to be a great leader. In this blog, we’re going to go deep below the surface into what really makes the difference. How to set yourself apart and truly shine as a leader. 

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Agile vs Scrum – How to Win with Both

If Agile is like dessert, Scrum is like ice cream. The phrase “Agile vs Scrum,” is a bit of a false dichotomy. Scrum is a subset of Agile, just as ice cream is a type of dessert. And Scrum is a very specific kind of dessert – say, vanilla ice cream. It’s this really popular way of doing dessert – or in this case, doing Agile. And that’s where people can get confused.

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Why Scrum Masters and Product Owners are the New Managers

Have you experienced this common trap? It’s an unintentional happening, often very subtle. Scrum masters and Product Owners that begin to act like traditional managers. They may not have the same sort of traditional ways of interacting, yet they have the same behaviors: pushing for results, thinking they’re right, thinking they’re smarter, and thinking that they’re in charge of what happens. Ignoring this tendency can lead to disaster. Embracing this tendency can actually unlock high performance.

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Leader vs Boss: Who Are You Inspiring?

Anyone can be a boss. For most of us, the choice to be a Leader takes us on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The choice can make a difference between effective, influential leadership that will impact high performance or the choice to remain in the business as usual approach of management. Which path will you take?

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Organizational Behaviour Follows Leadership Behaviour

One of the most important lessons I have learned over the last few years is that Organizational Behaviour Follows Leadership Behaviour. Lasting improvements can only start with leaders modeling new behaviours. I use this all the time to help leaders choose what they really want for themselves and their organizations.

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Leader is the Limit for Growth

I noticed a pattern early on in my career helping organizations use Agile as a way to grow their capabilities: The Leader is the Limit for Growth.

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Improve Decision-Making with Advice Cards

Introducing Advice Cards – a powerful tool for improving decision-making in your organization by using the Advice Process. You can use them to increase awareness and options around who makes decisions and how those decisions are made.

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