Awaken Your Potential

There comes a moment in the journey of life that defines the direction you take. Where you stand in the truth of a conviction that life is more than the mundane world that was placed before you.

This is the moment you decide to commit to something extraordinary.

You stand in a place where true purpose and transformation become a reality.

The SHIFT314 Academy of Evolutionary Leadership is this moment. Where knowing of deeper meaning and connection to something greater than yourself inspires your path. Where you stand in the fullness of your being and ask for more than what you were told was possible. Where you step into a new paradigm of conscious leadership.

You have come to the crossroads that define your future and the future of humanity.

Academy of Leadership Mastery: Introduction Webinar

Through SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership, leaders can transform their organizations in previously unimaginable ways.

Join the Free Webinar- on August 4th

Join Michael K Sahota & Audree Tara Sahota for an introduction to the Academy of Leadership Mastery to learn what you can expect in this evolutionary immersive leadership experience.

In the Academy of Leadership Mastery, you’ll discover what is possible in human potential. Redefining your existence by diving into the infinite field of consciousness.

Activate the Power of Your Evolutionary Leadership

The Academy is CodeBreaking Reality

Evolutionary Leadership is conscious leadership that has the ability to create a significant impact. The SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership, SELF, guides leaders to step into a new paradigm to transform their organizations in previously un-dreamed ways.

When Evolutionary Leadership is activated on a global scale, our world is transformed.

“If you are lucky enough to even consider this, you must go. You’re called to a process to improve yourself, and you’re ready to take big strides. A week has changed my life exactly as I needed it to. Now I’m 100x ready to support my teams and organizations in their improvements.”

B. Charboneau

“Great opportunity to learn about myself as a leader.  Expose areas that need improvement. The experience provided the tools to help me improve.”

J. Alvarado

“An intensely challenging shared learning journey of self-discovery and personal evolution.”

T. Haayema

“This course cracked me open so I could begin the healing process and move towards my true self.”

M. de la Maza

“The most beautiful journey with the most beautiful people I have ever been around.  Amazing personal growth, transformational and life changing training.”

A. Lasa

“The Academy of Leadership Mastery is a once in a lifetime opportunity for personal transformation.”

M. Hundleby
Visual Trainer / Facilitator

“When you are ready to take this journey, there is no one else I would recommend you to walk beside.”

A. Agresto

Codebreaking Reality:
Practical Skills & Tools that Transform

The SHIFT314 Academy of Leadership Mastery (AKA Jedi School) is a unique integration of organizational change skills, with the ability to use the quantum field to influence and create high performance.

  • Discover a deeper layer of reality for who you are, and what is happening around you. Your ability to take action is limited by your perception of reality.

  • Develop Mastery of the SHIFT314 SELF Framework, unlock people and organizations, fundamental to conscious leadership.

  • Increase Awareness and clearing of unconscious blocks that limit your potential.

  • Discover Your Energetic Capacity, Evolutionary Energetics a system of high vibrational energy (not taught anywhere on this planet).

Shift your mindset/consciousness, connect to a deeper Truth of who you are. Daily practices establish an accelerated path of the inner growth needed for outer world mastery.

  • Connect and Utilize the Infinite Field

  • Resolve Inner Conflict

  • Real World Application of skills to achieve sustainable success

“No one jumps a 20 foot chasm in two 10 foot jumps.” ~ Miguel Guhlin

How Is the Program Structured?

  • Advanced Program Taking You to the Next Level of Your Potential

  • Online Prequel Program & Residential Immersion

Regardless of your professional role, we are more curious about your commitment to your personal growth and how you show up as a leader in your life. This is a life-changing journey, where your fullest potential goes beyond extraordinary and you actualize an existence where effective leadership is mastered.

Your Journey

  1. The Academy Prequel
    An online preparation course, 8 two-hour sessions once per week. Can stand alone or prepare you for the full journey ahead.

  2. The Academy Episodes 1 to 5 
    A cumulative series. Each Episode is a 1 week-long residential retreat with breaks for integration and real-world application. Residential retreats allow you to fully immerse yourself in an experience of extraordinary potential.

  3. Each Session
    You will experience deep processes for inner growth and tools for organizational evolution. Knowledge + Experience = Mastery.

  4. Real-World Exploration
    Integration to give your skills and tools real-world application. Where your shift in consciousness will begin to influence your reality.

  5. A Network of Peers
    You will be creating a network of peers that have traveled this path with you. A community, deeply committed to living extraordinary lives and inspired to create change.

This course goes beyond, Leading Beyond Change and The SELF Framework taking you into extraordinary mastery of your life, both personal and professional.

We are offering an Online Preparation Course for those who want to sample the Academy of Leadership Mastery and prepare for the first residential session.

  • Location: Zoom

  • Timing: 2-Hour Session Every 2 Weeks

  • Duration: 10 Sesssions

  • Cost: $1400USD; $950USD for CAL2 Graduates

  • Start Date: COMING SOON

This training is 100% LIVE and not recorded.

The SHIFT314 Academy Episode 1: The Power of Being

Learning Topics

  1. Nature of The Ego and The Mind

  2. Subconscious Behavior Patterns impacting performance

  3. How to unlock deeper levels Psychological Safety

  4. Listening at all levels

  5. Breathwork techniques 

  6. Meditation practices

  7. Quantum Structure of Universe with application to daily work/life

  8. Working with emotional charges with relationship patterns

  9. Activities to include: Direct experience of evolved consciousness, process to remove obstacles, meditation, yoga, nature walks.

Course Outcomes

A shift in mindset and consciousness as demonstrated by:

  • Improved levels of psychological safety, openness and authenticity

  • Increased ability to stay calm and present in challenging situations

  • Improved ability navigating interpersonal conflict

  • Increase in successful outcomes

  • Removal of subconscious behavior patterns

  • Increased ability to listen and understand the problem behind the problem

  • Increased ability to use the SHIFT314 Playbook to lead through influence to increase project success and staff engagement

Value to Your Organization

A lot of time people are expected to bring something back from a training session to share with others in the organization.

Course participants will get a one hour workshop they can deliver: “Creating an Evolutionary Workplace” with talking points and activities.

The Prequel

  • No prerequisites.
    Participation in a previous SHIFT314 course is recommended.

Episode 1

  • Prerequisites: Academy Prequel or SELF2/CAL2

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