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Teal Organization: Do You Have What it Takes?

What is a Teal organization and why should we care? Frederic Laloux wrote a powerful book called “Reinventing Organizations,” where he went through 10 different case studies of high-performance organizations. “Teal” is the code word for high-performance organizations that are able to exhibit extraordinary levels of performance, organizational success, and that operate in a very human-centric way. If you want a quick summary, check out our post Teal Organization – Future of Work.

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The Scary Truth about Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the single most important part of creating a high-performance team or organization. When you have high psychological safety, you have the foundation for high performance. If you do not have psychological safety in your team and your organization, it’s virtually impossible to get high-performance levels.

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Agile Success Pattern: Start with Managers, not Teams

The usual approach to Agile – train & coach teams to move to an Agile process – is backwards. When we approach Agile from a Team Perspective, the role of the manager usually becomes an afterthought. But wait, don’t managers need to learn how to operate with an Agile Mindset along with teams?

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Are You Using The Right Culture Model?

The #1 Challenge with Agile is culture – Industry Research has consistently reported for years. Adaptation of a new way of working often doesn’t blend into “business as usual”. To succeed with Agile we need to understand culture and how to navigate it. And the key question is: Are you using the right culture model? Or less provocatively: How effective is the culture model you are using? Let’s examine some commonly used models and see how they compare.

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How To Replicate Spotify’s Success

In this post, you will learn the how to replicated Spotify’s success. How to create a high performance organization by copying “The Spotify Approach”.

They actually mention the key pattern in the very famous video created by Henrik Kniberg. But everyone seems to fall into the usual traps and are unable to replicate Spotify.

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How To Be Successful with Agile in Any Culture

7 Years ago I wrote two famous blog posts (and a book) – How to Make Your Culture Work and How to Make Your Culture Work with Agile, Kanban & Software Craftsmanship. In this blog post, you will learn my updated advice and practical experiences on exactly how to do this. The focus is on how to create the greatest success within a culture bubble while respecting the host organizational culture. 

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How To Change Your Organizational Culture

You will learn How to Change Your Organizational Culture. Yes. How to Change Your Culture. It requires effort and focus. And it is possible. I have done it and leaders around the globe have applied this same information to change their culture. What follows below is an outline of the proven steps. I also include pointers to supporting resources.

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Fact: Agile Failure Disrupting Organizational Performance

Agile failure is now a fact. Industry research shows that organizations are failing at Agile – they are getting some benefits but the promise is unfilled. And this has been true for years. It’s not new.

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