Certified Agile Leadership  Training

Powered by the SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership  Framework (SELF)

Featuring Michael K Sahota, CEC

A Practical Guide to
Business Agility

Join us for a step by step training of Leading Beyond Change to learn how to create a high performing organization.

Leading – Upgrade your leadership to create new outcomes.
Beyond – Gain deep insights into the future of work that elevate daily interactions.
Change – Practical steps to energize change.

What People Say

“The best leadership training, I have ever experienced.”

J. Bergeron
J. Bergeron
Partner, PwC

“You want agile? Do this first.”

A. Graham
A. Graham
CIO, Metrolinx

“This promoted such beneficial reflection on what we do each day, why and how. And where we are getting it wrong!”

K. Baker
K. Baker
Senior Director, Australian Government

“During this training the most valuable insight gained was to get out of my own way. The delivery of the material challenged my way of thinking.”

R. Ellerman
R. Ellerman
CEO of DisputeSuite.com

“Leadership is a journey, not a destination.”

E. Arregui
E. Arregui
President and CEO

“Amazing course. Take a dive into the psychology and spiritual elements of leadership. This is not something you will have experienced before. It’s beyond Agile. I feel enlightened.”

M. Huynh
M. Huynh
Scrum Master and Agile Coach

“This is a “must attend” class if you aspire to be a leadership coach- some really powerful task and techniques to enable leadership to create a high-performance culture and organizations.”

N. Malhotra
N. Malhotra
Agile Coach

“Best training ever! Huge impact on myself and probably on my future.”

N. Tournemire
N. Tournemire
Agile Coach

What You Will Learn

  • What To Do Tomorrow: Practical daily changes you can easily make that lead to a radical shift in your level of influence that impact your organizational performance.

  • Evolutionary Leadership: How you can move beyond traditional leadership models to reclaim your ability to create rapid change.

  • Culture Tools: How to diagnose culture and create a local culture shift without authority, power or budget.

  • Beyond Agile: Understand how to integrate Agile into traditional cultures to overcome 90% of the challenges with transformation.

  • Eliminate Resistance: Learn how to eliminate hidden causes of resistance.

  • Transformation: Change patterns to increase awareness, desire and motivation for change. Practical roadmaps to scale with your people.

  • Unlocking Metrics: Identify common traps to focus on the KPIs that really matter. Learn the Sahota Innovation of how metrics are measured. Unlock the truth of the how your organization is performing.

Traditional to Evolutionary

SELF Framework: Scaling Excellence with People

Overcome 90% of the Challenges with Agile Transformation

You will learn the maps, models, principles and tools needed to unlock Business Agility and create an environment where Agile can thrive. This is the only Certified Agile Leadership Training based on the SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership Framework (SELF). 

Upcoming Training

Australia & New Zealand

North America

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAL-E, CAL-T, & CAL-O?

Scrum Alliance is replacing our Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL I) program and will now be: CAL-Essentials (CAL-E), CAL-Teams (CAL-T), and CAL for Organizations (CAL-O). More information can be found on the Scrum Alliance website.

The Sahota CAL1, will continued to be offered as a 2 or 3 day training as: CAL-E + CAL-O: “Certified Agile Leadership Essentials for Organization Leaders”

With the credential changes through Scrum Alliance, which credential will I now receive?

After completion of the current “CAL-E & CAL-O”, we will process your credentials through Scrum Alliance for CAL-E & CAL-O, as CAL1 credentials will no longer be issued through Scrum Alliance after December 31, 2020.

Do all CAL trainings cover the same content?

No. And there is a good reason for this.

All CAL-E & CAL-O trainings cover the same set of high-level learning objectives.

However, each training is as unique as the instructor. Each CAL1 reflects the unique leadership and organizational development journey of the instructor.

Our CAL-E & CAL-O experience reflects the unique intellectual property developed over a decade of professional practice. Our approach has been proven around the world through the success of our graduates.

Do you offer private CAL-E & CAL-O trainings?

Yes. Organizations are getting huge benefits from internal CAL-E & CAL-O training. With executives, managers, and coaches all in the same room, we increase the shared organizational awareness and alignment needed to get high performance. Participants can have internal discussions that are not possible in a public class.

We also offer an integrated training and coaching approach that gives leaders the ongoing support they need to make the shift to a new way of working and being.

Scroll down to send us a message and we will get right back to you.

What is the difference between SAFe and CAL-E /O?

On the surface, the goals of SAFe and CAL-E & CAL-O are similar: An Agile Organization.

SAFe has an excellent focus on Tactical elements of Agile, such as the process, roles, multi-team releases. It is a wonderful way to adopt Agile practices in a large organization. One might say the focus is on Doing Agile. The focus here is on what we do to improve things with as little organizational change as possible.

The focus of the Michael Sahota CAL-E & CAL-O Experience is an integrated view of Organizational, Cultural, Leadership, and Org Change. It’s about Being Agile: How we use an Agile Mindset to create a nimble flexible organization powered by engaged, innovative people. It’s all about creating a High-Performance Organization using Agile. It is the missing foundation that will allow you to unlock your current approach to Agile be it SAFe, Less, etc.

What is the breakdown of PDU's?

This training provides 14 SEUs in support of the Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), and 14 PDUs in support of certifications offered by the Project Management Institute, including the PMI­ACP as well as the PMP certification. You can claim 1/2 as strategic and 1/2 as leadership.

Why retake CAL-E & CAL-O?

If it’s been a while since you had taken your CAL-E & CAL-O, here is some information for you to consider if you’d like to take a CAL1 refresher before moving forward and taking a CAL2.

Evolution of CAL-E & CAL-O
The CAL-E & CAL-O we are teaching is evolving at a rapid rate. Every time we teach a CAL, we take a CAL. We look for ways to deepen our understanding. There are new insights and interconnections.

Here are some of the key reasons that we encourage graduates to join us in a “modern” CAL-E & CAL-O:

  • There is new information. Get up-to-speed with a new baseline of understanding so you can be more successful.
  • Now that your consciousness has shifted, you can receive more of what the course offers. Your first time through, there was a lot of letting go and releasing that which limited the reception of new information. Grads who have attended multiple times report a deepening and new unlocking each time.
  • Our consciousness has shifted. We live our teachings and are on our ongoing personal growth journey. We are modeling and teaching from a very different place so the depth we bring to this subject has increased. People, for example, report that Michael is much more present, calm, and clear – much more fully embodying the teachings.

Here are some key evolutions:

  • Introduction of the Sahota Playbook for High-Performance (Jan 2017)
  • Playbook refinement & clarity (Spring 2017)
  • Linking Sahota Culture Model to Agile Culture (Fall 2017)
  • Inter-weave of complexity model to culture models (Spring 2018)
  • Addition of Agenda (Self-Sabotage) (Spring 2018)
  • New Playbook Step – Relationship Health (Fall 2018)
  • Integration of Theory X-Y with Leadership Behaviour (Fall 2018)
  • Enabling “Autonomous, Self-Organizing Teams” (Spring 2019)
  • New Playbook Step – “Tactical Go”. (Summer 2019)
  • SELF Maps, Models, Tools and Principles (Spring 2021)

If you would like some guidance, please reach out to us directly at SHIFT314.

What happens to CAL1 Credential Holders with CAL-E, CAL-T & CAL-O now replacing CAL1?

Not to worry, your CAL1 credential is transferrable.  You may elect to change/upgrade to the new credentials. With migration, participants will get all three certifications: CAL-E, CAL-T and CAL-O certification.

The caveat here is that the new badges are certifications and have annual renewal requirements unlike the existing credential.

More information can be found on the Scrum Alliance website.

What to Expect

CAL2 Program

We are reconfiguring our advanced leadership courses to serve you better. Please stay connected to hear upcoming course announcements.

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